Why Trusting Your Technique is Critical

This week’s tip is simple, but frequently overlooked thanks to our competitive spirits. carlostennisfbpostMany players strive for proper technique when it comes to their strokes, regardless of which style they play. There is a reason why proper technique exists, and that is because it is proven to work time and time again. However, in my opinion I believe that too many players get caught up in winning or losing, and let their previously missed shots determine what they do next. This usually results in what I like to call “creative modification” of ones strokes, which is not always a good thing. Most of the time this is just a matter of trust.

Remember that even the best players in the world make mistakes; it is simply a part of the game. Be that as it may, the best players in the world do a remarkable job of making instantaneous adjustments.

Here is one common “creative modification” for your reference:

Ground stroke Problem – You are missing your ground strokes long.

Common Adjustment – You slow down your racket speed and/or start finishing lower around your hip or even do not finish your stroke at all. You might start using your wrist a little more and become tentative.

Proper adjustment – The aforementioned adjustment is very common and extremely counterproductive. Some players might actually find refuge in shortening their strokes and make a few extra balls in the court. However, this will take a significant amount of depth off your shots and give your opponents a first class invitation to the net. Also, remember that racket speed is your friend. The more racket speed, the more rotations per second and the more likely the ball is to drop into the court. Lastly, the contact point and finish of your strokes are arguably the most important. These two elements of your technique will affect the flight pattern of the ball quite drastically. If anything, try shortening up your back swing while keeping your racket speed and finish the same.

Remember that there will be times when it is CRITICAL to adjust your swing size and speed. Just make sure you are using the proper technique. Don’t get too creative out there.

  • Carlos Bermudez Tennis
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