The Split Step… Again

Today I have a quick tip for you, but an important one. I believe that the split step is split step1highly underappreciated and neglected. I think the reason for this is because we

are just hopping (which takes too much time) instead of split stepping.

Go ahead and get on a scale where you would normally weigh yourself, and bend your knees as fast as you can. You’ll notice that the scale will go down before it goes up. In tennis we call this “unweighting.” When you land on your split step think about unweighting one half of your body, in order to transfer your weight into one leg or the other before you take your first step to the ball. You don’t want to land directly on both because then you will split2have initiate the unweighting process after you land instead of going straight into it on the landing phase. This will allow you to free up the other side of your body so you can start to build your momentum with every step. Think about starting your movement to the ball before the “scale” has a chance to bounce back and make the weight go back up. If done properly you will move more efficiently and be able to retrieve more shots.

  • Carlos Bermudez Tennis
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