Australian Doubles

My tip today is simple and short, but important to consider. Instead of playing the same way every single point, mix it up and play in Australian formation for a couple points. Most doubles players like to go cross-court with their return of serve. Why not stand there and wait for it? Force your opponents to hit a better shot.

What is Australian formation?

Australian formation is where the server and volleyer stand on the same side of the court, and then the server moves to the opposite side after serving. You could also do this the opposite way.



When to use Australian formation?

Think about using Australian at first when you have a nice lead. When you’re up 40-0, or 5-0 in a game or match, why not mix it up a little bit? Another good time to using it is during big points or during tie-breakers. This is a great way to throw off your opponent’s rhythm and make them start to panic. If they start to adapt, you can always go back to your standard formation, or mix up your formation another way.

Why use the Australian formation?

I think it’s always good to mix it up, so you keep your opponent on their toes and always thinking. Also because it will make you a better doubles player. If you are constantly playing one specific way, it is very easy for your opponent to adjust. In addition, if you are uncomfortable playing in Australian formation, it is probably because you are only playing within your comfort zone. Implementing Australian formation is a great way to start expanding your abilities and will probably win you a couple free points just for standing there. Think about the last time you played against a doubles team who took this formation. What were you thinking? What did you do?

  • Carlos Bermudez Tennis
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