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68% of points in the 2018 French Open (men’s & women’s) ended in an error, and not by a winner. I think this statistic speaks for itself when it comes down to what you should be practicing and trying to do during matches. In my opinion, that’s to place more of an emphasis on shot selection and developing the point instead of trying to hit amazing shots and blow your opponent off the court. Always expect the ball back. A lot of errors that tennis players make are a result of “going to big.” Think about the high floating volley. We all try to absolutely kill it but miss these easy shots because were trying to do too much. At the recreational level this shot is missed quite a bit.

“The eight ways to force an error in tennis are: consistency, direction, depth, height, spin, power, court position and time (taking time away from the opponent to prepare for a shot.)” This is pretty common knowledge but I took that from Craig O’Shannessy’s recent article. With this, my recommendation to you is to evaluate your style of play, and your shot tolerance. Then find your rally ball speed. Your rally ball should be a pace that you can make 80% of your shots in the court. After you have figured these things out, you’ll want to develop direction, depth, height, spin, court position and timing that compliments your style of play. Take a look at the attached shot selection chart to guide you through this.

– Carlos Bermudez Tennis

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