How to get more “pop” on your volleys

Today I have a simple and quick tip for you. If done correctly, I think it might help you get a little extra speed on your volleys. When hitting your volleys try and squeeze your grip right as the ball hits the strings. This will give you some extra “pop” without having to make a bigger swing, and also allow you to redirect pace.
It will take some time and practice to get the timing and correct tension of the grip squeeze down. If you are squeezing a little before or after the contact of the ball, it will probably feel like you are losing feel and pace. Also keep in mind that the squeeze I’m talking about is not a death grip. Try to squeeze at a tension that is somewhere in between as hard as you can possibly squeeze, and no tension at all. You can use the 1 – 5 scale to help with this.

  • Carlos Bermudez Tennis


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