For more power/spin/ control: Stop snapping your wrist on the serve

Something you hear a lot in the tennis world is “snap your wrist more,” and I highly disagree with this statement as it is counterproductive to not only the proper service motion (and all strokes really,) but also to the way our bodies are built. Actively snapping the wrist on the serve will slow down the overall speeds of your serves and emphasizes almost the opposite of where maximal power comes from. That being said, power and spin originates from a proper loading phase on the serve.

There are a lot of variables when speaking of the “loading phase” of the serve, so today I’ll give you the first step. In order to achieve a proper loading phase, you must first work on the flexibility & range of your shoulders. Here is a good link to follow for 10 simple exercises that will take 10 – 20 minutes a day These exercises will also help with injury prevention. I guarantee if you do these exercises, you will see improvement on your serve without having to change your motion. If unsure on how to do these exercises you’ll want to work with a professional in order to prevent unnecessary injuries. More on “loading” to come in future posts.

  • Carlos Bermudez Tennis
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